Wooden World Map

Discover The World With Our Wooden World Maps

Looking for a stylish and distinctive method to decorate your house or place of business? Take a look at our Wooden World Map ! We handcraft each map from premium  Plywood, and the central bodies of water and all seven continents' outlines are laser engraved. The end product is a magnificent work of art that will catch the eye of anyone who enters the space.

Unlike Any Other Map

Not your typical chart, our Wooden World Maps are unique. It adds a touch of sophistication and refinement to any area because it is a three-dimensional representation of the world. Each map is meticulously crafted to capture the continents' exact contours and the oceans' form.

A Topic Of Conversation

Our Wooden World Map is a great discussion starter and a decorative item. Our map will attract notice and start conversations whether you're hosting a dinner party or meeting with clients. It's an excellent method to introduce yourself and start a conversation about people's travel experiences and goals.

Adding A Personal Touch

Want to give your plan a unique touch? We provide customization choices, such as the opportunity to include a special message. Our talented artisans can also produce custom-size and finished items to meet your precise requirements.

Simple To Install

Concerned about the setup procedure? Never be! Easy-to-follow directions and all the hardware you need to hang our Wooden World Map will be available with the set. Anyone can complete the installation procedure because it is simple and quick.

A Permanent Gift

Looking for a unique and enduring present for a friend or family member? We recommend our Wooden World Map as a good option. The recipient will be reminded of their passion for travel and discovery forever by this present, which will last a lifetime.

Mark Your Journey

Our hardwood maps serve a practical purpose and are a lovely work of art. Use the push pins provided to indicate the locations you've been to or would like to visit. Create a one-of-a-kind visual display to showcase your experiences and travels. Additionally, the wooden surface of the map makes it simple to enter and remove the pins without causing any damage.

Purchase The Ultimate Decor Item Today

We at Globenir think that our Wooden World Map is more than just a decorative item; it represents travel, curiosity, and adventure. It's a method to bring the world into your house or place of business and motivate you to travel and experience new things. Why then wait? Start your exploration by immediately placing your order for wooden maps.

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