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we offer a diverse selection of quality wooden maps and stylish accessories crafted with care. Each item reflects your personal style and our dedication to craftsmanship. Our pieces balance beauty and functionality with simplicity and sophistication. We also provide customizable gift items, allowing you to add a personal touch to your cherished possessions. Welcome to a world that celebrates your individuality.

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At Globenir, we specialize in customizing your belongings to make them truly unique. Using advanced techniques like laser engraving and digital printing, we add a personal touch to every item. We understand the sentimental value of your possessions and aim to enhance it with our attention to detail. Let us redefine your connection to your belongings and elevate your gifting experience with Globenir. 





Happy Customers Worldwide!


Karen Khoury

The work is extremely precise and detailed, I loved it and would definitely purchase again. I highly recommend!! I got a car hanger in the shape of the Lebanese map!

Ahmad Khaled

Outstanding quality, design, and concept. Service and delivery were immaculate even though this was an overseas order.

Mohmmad Khatib

Sophisticated CNC works with good quality of wood and fast delivery!


Beautiful and unique maps! I definitely would recommend it! Gorgeous and very good quality.