Denmark Flag Patch

Denmark Flag Patch

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All the country flag patches offered in Globenir are sized 6.3 x 3.6 cm. They can be either ironed on or embroidered, according to your liking.

Here are the steps for attaching them:
  1.  Turn on your ironing machine to its highest heat setting to make sure the patch adheres properly to your fabric.

  2. Place your patch on the marked spot on your fabric, place a thin cloth on top of your patch, and iron for 30 seconds.

  3. Let it cool down for 30 seconds.

  4. Repeat step 2 and 3 if the patch did not stick.

About the Flag

The flag of Denmark is the oldest continuously used flag in the world and is also known as the Dannebrog. It features a red background and an off-center white cross. The shape is similar to almost all other Scandinavian countries, which may have been influenced by Denmark.

The most famous origin story of the Danish flag is a legend that states the flag fell from the heavens during a battle in 1219, helping lead the Danes to victory. There is evidence that the flag design was common during this time, but this origin story is important to Danish history and culture.

As for the meaning of the symbols and colors on the Danish flag, the white cross represents Christianity, and the red background is symbolic of battle. The colors red and white have also been used by the kings of Denmark for thousands of years.