ain/عين Sand Jewelry
ain/عين Sand Jewelry

ain/عين Sand Jewelry

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  • Handmade
  • long necklace with a sand silver pendant, unisex jewelry..
  • size 50MM
  • this particular pendant is from the caribbean beaches..

    • how simple it could get!..

    • how simple your look could get!..

    • long chain, perfect portrait rectangular necklace pendant..

    • a sand filled piece, or maybe other earth stones or elements, but in this particular piece, the filling is the power..

    • hence the color is so special, from sandy to white or black, full or mixed fillings makes this very simple necklace pendant always special, always beautiful, whether wearable on the beach or to work night out, it’s different, be picky in the sand you choose for this piece..

    • be sure of the story you always want to tell, because this piece is wearable, every day, all the time, everywhere..